Fishing the White Lake Channel Wall in Whitehall

WHITEHALL – With limited space on the White Lake Channel Pere, fishermen arrived as early as 4 a.m. to claim their spots on Saturday, April 11.  Around noon almost all of the spots were taken on the Fruitland Township side.

Fishermen near the end of the Pere were catching an average of two fish, while fishermen closer to shore weren’t having as much luck.  According to Spring Lake resident Larry Probst, just the other day it was the complete opposite.

Many agreed that mid-week seemed to be the best time for catching the most brown trout and steelhead.

From 10 a.m. to noon fish were caught at a consistent rate.  At the most, three fishermen had fish on at the same time.

Jason Jablonski, owner of Ski’s Spinners in Zeeland, fished with a friend hoping to help him catch his first steelhead.  The two had plans to fish out of White river but due to flooding they switched gears and joined the others at the Pere.

Lansing resident David Fox fished the channel for his second day in a row.  On Thursday Fox left with one steelhead and doubled that by noon on Saturday.


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