Painting with light

Painting with light requires two main things, time and light painting tools.  Having these two things is only the beginning because their is much experimenting and patience involved as well.  After spending more than 9 hours painting with light I learned so much but still have so much more to learn.  I loved it though!  With that being said I definitely want to go out a few more times to play around and try new ideas because this is just the start.

Goast painting the streets of downtown Mt. Pleasant, flashlights are used with colored balloons covering the lights to portray graffiti. The same red balloon covered flashlight is used to light the back of the subject to depict a shadow of a person.
After lighting Steel wool on fire it is spun in a circle on a bulb exposure.  Subject was first strobed before the wool was lit.  Material used: metal wire, whisk, steel wool and a lighter.



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