About Me

MeHi! My name is Andraya Croft, I’m a full-time intern at MLive Muskegon Chronicle as a Multimedia Specialist. I am also a Central Michigan University student. In December of 2015, I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science and a Major in Photojournalism. At CMU I interned under Tim Fitzgerald for Central Athletics, covering men’s football, basketball, wrestling and woman’s soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. I worked as a staff photographer at CM Life, Central Michigan University’s newspaper and was a member of Central Press Photographer’s Association.

I can’t get enough of what I do. There isn’t one aspect about my career that I’m not passionate about. Sports, events, features, breaking news, portraits, everything that makes up life. There is always something to learn, take away, and be inspired by and my job is to share these experiences with others with hopes of making a difference and spreading news to the community and the world.

My career is photojournalism and I am proud to say that not only do I love what I am doing but am excited to progress, further my skills and experience, become successful and always strive to become a better photographer.

I am available for freelance work.  The question is where would you like to send me?–acroftphoto@gmail.com



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