Nailed It

Map A Scott Harris Salon
Nicky V Nails Location

Nicky Van, 24, has been a certified nail technician since he was 18 years old.  At 7 he started working for his family business in Kalamazoo and by the age of thirteen he was able to do everything the business had to offer.  Before opening his skills to the public, Van worked for other nail salons in the Mount Pleasant area doing basic acrylics.

He started designing his close friends nails and when others started to see his work, they wanted to get theirs done as well.  When Van realized that so many people were interested in what he was capable of doing, he decided to make himself available.  The A Scott Harris Salon hired him and gave him the freedom to manage his business.  “My business itself has grown just because of word of mouth,” said Van.  He also advertises his work on Instagram and Facebook, but other than that no marketing was needed.  His work sold itself.

All of Van’s designs are created by free hand, no stencils or outlines are involved. “It will take me forty-five minutes and no more, no matter what the design is,” stated Van.  In order to book an appointment, clients need to schedule two months in advanced.  “Sometimes I will post on my twitter if I have any openings from cancellations, but you better comment on it fast because first come first serve,” said Van.








8 thoughts on “Nailed It

  1. Amazing article!!!! Thank you so much again!!!! Loved how you got every detail from what was said to the video angles and the transition of the video was really cool to watch!! #awesome

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  2. Great job on this video! The interviews are well set up- great audio, good lighting, he variety of angles. It’s all there! I also really like the incorporation of stills both in the video and in the blog post (the map and location is a nice touch as well!). Interesting subject, you had me excited to watch the whole way through.

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