New Beginnings

Baptist Children’s Home was called into existence in 1955 by churches seeking assistance in caring for families and children.  BCH, according to the biblical mandate in James 1:27 to “Care for the Fatherless”, answered this call and today cares for more than 1000 children in the United States, India, Southeast Asia and Liberia.

Tori and Rob McConnell, part of the Baptist Children’s Home network, live in Mount Pleasant Michigan and serve as “mom” and “dad” to hurting and troubled children in their care.Michigan family

Most of the children come from inner cities within the United States but BCH is not limited to one region.  Children from all over the world are accepted into the program if the help is needed.

“Our license is for 0 to 18, and they can stay longer than 18 as long as they’re pursuing an education or saving money towards independence,” said Tori.

BCH is one hundred percent supported by churches and individuals.  “Our local church, First Baptist of Mount Pleasant, donated this land and donated the home, which was built for the purpose of the Baptist Children’s Home,” said Rob.

The parents raise their children in a Christian household and model Christian family living.  They teach the children basic life skills such as how to get along with each other, how to budget an allowance, manage a personal schedule, clean their rooms, and so forth.

The parent or legal guardian along with the children have to be in agreement with coming to the children’s home.  “The state doesn’t place kids here, it’s not a foster system or state mandate,” said Rob.  “Everyone volunteers but sometimes when they’re real young, its a matter of here or there,” added Tori.

The family is God’s plan for creating, molding, and shaping lives into responsible, spiritually-maturing adults.  The Baptist Children’s Home network also provides counseling and support for the children and dedicated people who care for them.  The need for this ministry is much greater today as the number of families in crisis multiplies.



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